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Residential Services


Amp Service Upgrade

Air conditioners, TV’s, computers, smart home devices and more all have one thing in common: their requirement for a large amount of power.

This increased demand is what’s causing many homeowners to receive an electrical service upgrade, which involves upgrading an electrical panel, meter socket, wiring and grounding system.

Have plans for renovating an appliance-heavy kitchen? Installing a pool or hot tub? Need extra outlets? Now’s a good time to upgrade your electrical service, too.


Panel Upgrade

If your home or commercial business has an older electrical panel, it’s time for an upgrade.

Not only are older panels difficult (or impossible) to insure, but they have insufficient room to add circuits or specialty breakers such as GFCI or AFCI.

Plus, some of the older panels are too small or replacement parts are too expensive.



Lighting is one of the most important design elements in a home or business and should never be overlooked.

Think about when you work in your kitchen. Do you have adequate lighting to prepare dinner, assemble school lunches and put away dishes?

The same goes for your basement – does the space feel welcoming and comfortable, or cold and uninviting? By nature, basements’ lack of natural light means that artificial lighting choices are especially important in this room.

Having a suitable amount of light located in the proper locations can make a room so much easier to use. Consider the type of ambiance you want created when you enter rooms throughout your home or business. The proper lighting can help make that happen!


Electrical Home Renovations

A home renovation normally isn’t complete without some type of electrical work! Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, basement or another room, it’s important that the electrical upgrades required are done properly.

Tired of having a flickering light in your living room? Want to make your basement brighter and more inviting? Need more electrical outlets?

It’s much easier (and more cost-effective) to complete these types of electrical upgrades when renovations are already taking place. That’s because during a home renovation, walls and ceilings are already opened up, providing full access to electrical wiring.


Commercial Services


Generators and Back Up Power Services

The last time that the power went out at your home, farm or business, were you prepared, or were you left in the dark?

A stand-by generator is the best way to provide safety and comfort during a power interruption. Since it can detect when the power goes out, the generator will start operating within seconds of a power outage. Once the power resumes, the system will power itself off on its own.

No longer will you need to worry about home appliances, HVAC systems, farming operations, sump pumps and more when there is a power outage!


Landscape and Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting does so much more than beautify a space: it adds security, enhances curb appeal and increases property value. However, that’s only possible if you choose a qualified, insured electrician who’s experienced with outdoor lighting.

At Groves Electric, our team of highly trained electricians are experts when it comes to installing landscape and security lighting. And we make it all happen with minimal disruption to your property’s current landscaping!


Aluminium Wiring and Knob & Tube Wiring

If you have an older home built prior to the 1970s, your home’s wiring may be a safety concern.

Although both knob and tube wiring and aluminum wiring were common in-home construction years ago, copper wiring is now the standard – and for good reason. The older types of wiring are unlikely to be covered by many home insurance policies due to their fire hazards.


Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Wiring

Installing a hot tub, spa or pool can provide hours of enjoyment – but only if the electrical servicing is done correctly. When the electrical wiring is completed by anyone other than a licensed and insured electrician, the combination of water and electricity can be disastrous.

Proper Amperage for Your Pool, Spa or Hot Tub is Important

The amount of amperage differs greatly depending on the size of your pool, spa or hot tub, physical site parameters and the type of equipment you’re using (heaters, pumps, lights, etc.).

Sometimes, certain pools or hot tubs require a higher amperage than your home’s current electrical service can provide. When that’s the case, we can complete an electrical service upgrade so that your new pool or hot tub is provided with the proper amount of energy.

The best time to run conduit is prior to the concrete pour, so be sure to contact us as early on in the process as possible. Like our other services, we complete a free, in-home estimate prior to beginning our work.

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“Birds Electric took the time to explain the various options and their pro’s and con’s. I couldn’t have come up with my ideal renovation on budget without their expert input and timely, responsive craftsmanship!”

Zeljko Sasic

“I would not hesitate to recommend Groves Electric to family and friends for any of their electrical needs. The customer service was outstanding.”

Doran Zuljko

“Overall a great experience! We’ll be in touch again when it’s time to finish our basement.”

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Frequent Questions



They both perform the same function, disrupting the flow of electricity when a fault is sensed. A fuse will have to be replaced once it has tripped, whereas a circuit breaker won’t need replacement. It is for this reason that circuit breakers are more commonly used.



There are several reasons this could be occurring. However, one particular reason that should be ruled out, for the sake of fire safety, is overheating. A light fixture with poor airflow design will result in excessive heat buildup around the bulb. Having to replace bulbs again and again is not just an inconvenience, it’s also a fire hazard. Have your light fixtures inspected by an electrician if you notice that bulbs are constantly blowing out.



When a wire carrying an electrical current comes into contact with the grounded conductor wire, or the equipment ground wire, excessive heat is created. If you see sparks in your electrical panel, you’ve likely witnessed a short circuit and you should have it checked by an electrician.



An outdated electrical panel, often found in older homes, isn’t designed to meet the electricity demands of modern living. Today’s families love their appliances and electronics. If your home’s electrical panel is less than 200 amps, it’s time to enter the modern age with an upgrade.


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